SCUBA Diving Trips in Naples, FL

Offshore Naples LLC's specialty is SCUBA diving Charters in waters of Naples and Marco Island FL in the Gulf of Mexico. Captain Bill has extensive local SCUBA & Spearfishing knowledge and is a certified dive master. Naples offers beautiful SCUBA locations offshore which consist of the Radio Towers, Live bottom ledges, reefs and new artificial reefs that were deployed in 2016. Offshore Naples LLC offers spearfishing charters too! Training and experience is required. Book a Trip today and you will be hooked!

SCUBA Diving in Naples, FL

We offer a variety of SCUBA Charters in Naples and Marco Island, FL. Trips offered are optimized to have the best possible day on the water. Offshore Naples offers hundreds of dive spots all holding amazing life!  Offshore Naples Fish & Dive Charters  may suggest a different trip based on current conditions. 

Below is a sample of our trips. Capt. Bill has dive sites from 5 - 60 miles offshore of Naples. Please let us know if you want to arrange a custom dive trip Offshore of Naples, FL.  

**Trips are based off 4 divers and we can accomodate up to 6. Any less or more than 4 will see a $50pp increase in price. Dive gear, except weights,  is not included. All prices reflect current marine fuel rates, etc. ALL divers must show proper credentials before departure. Trips Booked via Paypal will be subject to $10 processing fee** 

   SCUBA Trips
     Leaves from Gordon's Pass, Naples , FL 

2 Tank Dive "Shallow" (Minimum 4)

SCUBA trip out to Naples' plentiful dive sites. Depths range from 35-45'. 

3 Tank Dive "Offshore" (Minimum 4)

WRECKS  - There are various shipwrecks off the coast of Naples. This is a "FULL DAY" trip. Be prepared to stay on the boat for an extended amount of time. These are our premier spots is our recommended trip!

*Nitrox requided for Offshore  3 - Tank Dives


2 Tank Dive "Artificial"

Artificial reefs are located between 15-30 miles offshore of Naples, FL. This trip we will dive the 15 mile "Wasemer" Reef and a nearby live bottom ledge loaded with marine life! Add $100 to upgrade to 3-tank!

CLICK "Book Now"  below to put a deposit for any SCUBA trip. 

Spearfishing Rates:

Price is based off of the boat rates

6-Hour - $1050

10-Hour - $1500


Typically, our split trip spearfishing trips come to $250 per diver for the 10 hour. This is our normal trip. You must be nitrox certified for this trip and be comfortable and expereinced to partake in this trip 

Occasionally we will run a 6-8 hour trip. The price for this trip is $185. 

Split Spearfishing trip prices are based on 5 divers on the boat. 

Please show up to the dock with the waiver filled out. 

Combo Fish and Dive Trips in SWFL are a popular choice.  We will SCUBA dive Naples' exciting spots then focus on reeling in dinner.  Check our FISHING page for information about fishing Hook & Line trips 


Combo 6 hr

This trip includes a 2-tank dive trip and half day fishing trip 


Combo 8 hr

Fish and Dive trip includes a 2-tank dive trip and 3/4 day fishing trip

Fish & Dive Combo Trips 
SCUBA Charter Naples
Spearfishing Trips 

Spearfishing Charters in SWFL leaving from Gordon's Pass in Naples Florida. Captain Bill is a very experienced spearo and will guide you to bringing home dinner. 

**Freedivers and SCUBA divers must show certification cards. Vetting and additional training may be required, Nitrox suggested"

3-Tank Spearfishing

3 tank trip to various reefs, wrecks and more. 

Lionfish Hunting

 (4 Minimum) 

 Lionfish have found their way into local waters and are considered and invasive species. It is tough targeting lionfish in Naples due to the topography of The Gulf floor being so spread out. Captain Bill knows the areas lionfish inhabit and will put you on them! Dives will be considered 'advanced' and divers will be required to be Nitrox Certified. 

Advanced SCUBA Training

Nitrox Certification - $150

Nitrox greatly increases bottom time, provides less post-dive fatigue and many other benefits along with being the first step towards your advanced certification. Join a class today. Private classes available anytime add $25

Deep Diving Certification - $150

Our most exciting dives are over 70' which means a deep diving certification is required to join us for those trips. Deep diving courses are taught by highly qualified instructors and meet regularly in Naples